• 201st km., highway М2 “Krym”, Grumant, Shchyokinsky District, Tula Oblast

  • Office in Moscow: 119454, Moscow, str. Lobachevskogo d.52, office #10

Museum of Samovars | Grumant, Tula


201st km, highway Moscow-Simferopol (М2 “Krym”), 25 minutes by car from the center of Tula

  • Drive away from the city along the Simferopol highway (M2 “Krym”) following the signs for Tula.

  • At the 170th km mark on the Simferopol highway (M2 “Krym”), at the intersection near the police post, follow the signs for Belgorod.

  • At the 191st km mark on the Simferopol highway (M2 “Krym”), at the traffic intersection, keep on moving straight, following the signs for Belgorod.

  • Continue past the traffic police post, it’s another 10 km to GRUMANT Resort & SPA.

    Coordinates GPS: 54°4’16.4″ (latitude), 37°28’17.4″ (longitude)



Mikhail Borshchev’s private collection of samovars and bouillottes is exhibited on the territory of GRUMANT Resort & SPA.

  • GRUMANT Resort & SPA is located in the Tula Oblast, just 1.5 km from the Museum-Estate of L.N. Tolstoy “Yasnaya Polyana”, the pearl of cultural and historical heritage of Russia.

  • The hotel has a picturesque man-made lake, filled with fish, such as river trout and grass carp.

  • The total area of the hotel GRUMANT is around 30 hectares, with beautiful landscapes that allow for peaceful walks, magnificent photo shoots, outdoor activities.

GRUMANT Resort & SPA is not only an superb hotel, but also a health and recreation complex, designed to accommodate more than 230 guests.

Website of GRUMANT Resort & SPA  www.grumanty.ru

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