• 201 km. highway М2 “Crimea”, Grumant, Shekinsky region, Tula district

  • Office in Moscow: 119454, Moscow, str. Lobachevskogo d.52, office #10

Museum of Samovars | Grumant, Tula


201 km highway Moscow-Simferopol (М2 “Crimea”), 25 minutes by car from the center of Tula

  • Move from the city along Simferopol highway (M2 “Crimea”) following the signs for Tula.

  • At the 170 km mark on Simferopol highway (M2 “Crimea”), near the traffic police post at the intersection, follow the signs for Belgorod.

  • At the 191 km mark on the Simferopol highway (M2 “Crimea”), at the traffic intersection, keep on moving straight, following the signs for Belgorod.

  • Further past the traffic police post to the park-hotel “Grumant” another 10 km.

    Coordinates GPS: 54°4’16.4″ (latitude), 37°28’17.4″ (longitude)



Mikhail Borschev’s private collection of samovars and spirit kettles is exhibited on the territory of Park-Hotel “Grumant”.

  • Park Hotel “Grumant” is located in the Tula district, just 1.5 km from the Museum-Estate of L.N. Tolstoy “Yasnaya Polyana”, which is the pearl of the cultural and historical heritage of Russia.

  • The hotel has a picturesque man-made lake, with various fish, such as river trout and grass carp.

  • The total area of the park hotelnis about 30 hectares, with beautiful landscapes that allow for peaceful walks, magnificent photo shoots, outdoor activities.

“Grumant” is not only an superb hotel, but also a health and recreation complex, designed to accommodate more than 230 vacationers.

Website of the park-hotel “Grumant”  www.grumanty.ru